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A potter wasp or a parasitic bee on Helichrysum angustifolium?

2 April 2012

The rear end of a wasp, possibly. I spotted several of these, I think potter wasps – Ancistrocerus nigricornis – or Ancistrocerus parietum – outside the Co-Op in Cromer, on Helichrysum angustifolium in a dry looking spot which would no doubt suit this Mediterranean plant. The plant, a member of the daisy family, is frequently planted in municipal gardens and borders. Hard to tell as they are flighty creatures zipping hither and thither and thus difficult to snap.

Side view

So which is it? The antenna is yellowish, more like a cuckoo bee, and the third black band from the sting is broad. It looks fuzzy like the Nomada goodeniana. If only I had seen it from the front!

or a cuckoo bee?

Differential effects of habitat isolation and landscape composition on wasps, bees, and their enemies,bijen,hommels/Nomada-goodeniana-2-16-5-20.jpg

Note – see that last link for an idea how speciated the genus Nomada is!

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