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Gull’s foot

5 January 2012

Over the Yule holidays I went to Cley nature reserve on the Norfolk coast along from Sheringham to the west.

They had an unusual visitor from North America – a western sandpiper but unfortunately due to the large flocks of gulls, waders, ducks, lapwing etc, it was impossible to pick out in the time I had there. I saw an avocet for the first time as well as a guillimot in winter costume off the beach, and a beautiful redshank, but it made me realize that the bridge camera I got last summer, while excellent, and despite a 26x zoom, is not good enough to get decent pictures of small birds at any distance.

I found a poor dead Larus ridibundus dead on the shingle bank at Weybourne. The photograph above is of this bird. Weybourne is supposedly a place earmarked as an invasion landing point by Napoleon I as it has a steep beach so comparatively large vessels can come close to shore. There are still war time ruins in the form of various concrete structures that once adorned British beaches to put off German visitors.


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