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Francis Galton’s eugenics novel, Kantsaywhere

11 November 2011

UCL Library Services — Francis Galton Kantsaywhere.

Did you know Galton, Darwin’s cousin and the founder of eugenics, wrote a novel? Neither did I! UCL has scanned the manuscript fragment from Special Collections. This year is the 100th anniversary of Galton’s death and there has been an exhibition of Galtonia in the Flaxman Gallery of the Main Library. I took some photos back in the summer and will put them up here on these web pages soon.



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  1. Before reading this post I hadn’t even heard of Galton, let alone his relativity to Darwin. Looks like the guy got up to a fair bit in his day, culminating in a knighthood. 340+ papers talks for itself, respect Sir. And now a novel, cobwebs and dust removed, how intriguing!

  2. IMHO, this is not a novel but a vision of how th eugenics programme could be realised in some utopian place. The piece has no story or plot. It is just a diary like description of a fantasy college that works along eugenic lines, on how to measure traits and how to give marks for the traits to individuals etc.

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