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October – liked – and most disliked – unjustly!

29 October 2011

Over at my parents’ house in the garage the green lacewings Chrysopa pallens appear to be in hibernation. They fly by night and feed on aphids among other creatures.

Green lacewing

This is Limax flavus the ‘yellow’ slug, though to me it looks a beautiful camouflaged green and yellow.  This particular slug likes compost and fungus and I found it in my parents’ compost bin.

Limax flavus

Well, my late parents’ compost bin, because I was over at their house tidying up loose ends before we complete the sale in a fortnight. The house is pretty empty now and the whole process is a tad miserable. 😦

And up above the starlings Sturnus vulgaris squawked and whistled, here two young next to an adult.

Leafcutter bee on Mahonia

Then a bee, a leafcutter Megachile centuncularis I think (does anyone out there know better?) out very  late in the warm late October.


And a flock of rooks Corvus frugilegus (their bald white faces an advantage as they poke their bills into the earth searching for insects and worms), shy and cautious perhaps because some farmers shoot them, and flocks of black headed gulls Larus ridebundus and pigeons, wood Columba palumbus, and feral or possibly stock (Columba livia or Columba oenas)…

This is what I call green...

…and the green green of the winter wheat, for the farmer uses the land these days without break.

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