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Climate change deniers in the Daily Express and Daily Mail

24 October 2011

Quite often readers of the above rags get assaulted by weather related stories but this is very illuminating.  Positive Weather Solutions are a small operation using their own bit of software and a network of private meteorologists (for which are we supposed to read amateurs?) to produce forecast stories they can flog to the press.—The-Company.php

They are responsible for stories such as this from the Daily Mail –

That was a bit of a fail as anyone who can cast his mind back a year will recall.

Now I stress that I am not writing this to dismiss their forecasts (though I think they are unlikely to be that fantastic or everyone would be using them), but of greater interest to me is that they are CCDs – Climate Change Deniers –,-Copenhagen—Statement-.php

There is some discussion of them on this page –


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