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In the name of science…

30 July 2011

Every year Ear Institute students end up doing a project/dissertation in the summer and Lawrence has one that involves volunteers wearing a skull cap and measuring the brain’s response to aural stimulus, in this case a variety of ringing noises.  The subject has I think it was three electrodes directly stuck on with a medical sterile gel (the blink is very loud with the highly sensitive recording equipment so they have to eliminate that), then the skull cap goes on with gel injected into holes where the electrodes attach to make contact with the scalp. Rather gooey especially for those with long hair.  Andrea is the guinea pig here, learning the ropes as she will be doing this with children.  The lovely Ifat who supervises them, tells me they get children to write their names in gel as when they see the syringe used to squirt the gel into the holes on the skull cap they sometimes get a bit scared.  No needles involved though!

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