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Climate-change politics: The sceptic meets his match : Nature News

28 July 2011

Climate-change politics: The sceptic meets his match : Nature News.

Joe Bast and his Heartland Institute have been consistent opponents of the scientific evidence about climate change.  At a recent conference of sceptics he did however acknowledge the failure to persuade mainstream scientists that climate change is anthropogenic. “He does not necessarily deny that humans are having an influence on the climate, but he does question the forecasts of catastrophic impacts and the rationale for curbing carbon emissions.”  His thinktank supports the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) which ignores evidence of the negative impact of climate change in favour of bouying up the plusses. This man is sowing dangerous disinformation that he picks as it it suits his purpose. The Nature editorial here –

They say “let’s be clear: Nature is not endorsing the Heartland Institute as a serious voice on climate science. Instead, the News Feature is intended to offer researchers outside climate science a window into the motives and tactics of those who have set themselves up as such a voice.”

On the side of the good guys – Stephen Sackur talks to the chairman of the International Panel on Climate Change, Rajendra Pachauri on the stalled climate talks –

We really are on the brink of a new dark age.




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