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Contrasting weather to Norfolk, back in Londinium

24 July 2011

Back in London, alas, and walking through Camden I noted that TV satellite vans are still camped out in Camden Square – why?  Amy Whitehouse is dead – what is there to see?  I did not walk directly through the square however. Grotesque mawkishness I call it.

Evening in the park looking south-east

I rarely go to Regents Park yet it is so near me.  There are plenty of areas left to go ‘wild’  in a controlled way.  Wandered around listening to the cricket for an hour or so but eventually sat down and did a sketch of some linden trees.  Surprising how few old trees there are in the northern half of the park – most, apart from some planes, are I would say 30 or so years old – certainly post war.  I was also disappointed to find no mature oaks, though I think there are some on the northern side of the park I recall.  I really want to draw an oak.  I have yet to find the ‘right’ oak that I want draw in Norfolk!  Interestingly there are some young dead elms.

Dead elms

This leads me to suppose that at one time the park had a fine collection of Ulmus procera, the ‘English’ elm.  They reach approximately 12-15 feet high and maybe 6 inches circumference before they get hit by Dutch Elm Disease.

Bee on a scabious

Also note this story – that grasslands may store a large amount of carbon –

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