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Sir David King: world should abandon Kyoto protocol on climate change | Environment |

15 July 2011

Sir David King: world should abandon Kyoto protocol on climate change | Environment |

I have immense respect for Professor Sir David King.  A couple of years ago I heard him give a talk at UCL and he signed his book on climate change co-written by Gabrielle Walker for me.  Anything he has to say about the subject I take very seriously.  I think he is right on this.  The last decade has shown that people are too greedy, short sighted and short term in their views to do sufficient to mitigate the dangerous increases in all the greenhouse gases.  I am not confident that we will do even this but that is no reason not to try.  I hear excuses from people all the time as to why they are not changing their lifestyles, and it is not because they do not believe it will happen – they always have other reasons, such as ‘I have no children so it dies with me’ etc.  Many years ago I read a book about this by the Australian Angus Martin, The Last Generation

and it was possibly the book that has influenced my thinking the most. I might try to write more on it at a later date but essentially he says that human nature condemns us, that we cling to ‘hope’ and consequently do not do what we should, because ‘something’ is bound to turn up. I must re-read it.


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  1. A Very interesting read, I must get those books too. Immaneul Kant said something similar about the United States obsession with Liberty way back in the 1700s. He said in essance that a democratic republic was doomed to fail because people would start voting for selfish reasons which would cause deep polarization of policies and lead to a political impasse. The only way to break the impasse would be for the wealthy to buy the votes of the middle class. Sound familiar?

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