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Larus fuscus graellsii

14 July 2011

Larus fuscus graellsii

This gorgeous gull was one of three or four that seem resident around where I live. I suspect that some of them may nest up on a roof opposite – at ay rate they have something against me even though I love them, for they dive down and sort of mob me. They are intelligent birds and recognize people  after a fashion so perhaps someone who looks like me upset them at some point.  Lesser Black Backed Gulls are a slate grey in the British Isles, but look very similar to their congeners the Larus argentatus.

  1. Ooh–great take-off shot! Those are hard to get! Do they really recognize individuals? Interesting–it’s pretty well-documented that corvids recognize people, but I don’t recall reading or hearing that gulls recognize people, too. Hmmm…. they are smarter than we think! I wonder whether that doesn’t give them an evolutionary edge, since they certainly seem to be adapting well to living and playing where humans are (just like, crows, rats, and cockroaches).

    • I am making an assumption here – but I would put money on it. I think they ‘recognize’ in a general way – I would assume that thay have a reason to pick on me – maybe the way I walk, or something like a bag. I have not seen them do it to other people though… How do people photograph birds as when you zoom in you find it really hard to frame them, & lose them!

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