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Eleven and a half things – thingies numero trois und fire…

8 July 2011

Oh dear

oh dear

oh dear…

HStiles1 – #11andahalfthings

“Many a twitter makes a twat” as David Cameron said on Radio 4’s Today programme last year during the election.  One might equally quote the infamous “Never has so much been written by so many for so few” about ‘blogs’ or web logs.  Indeed, why make a twat of yourself in 140 characters when you can do so at much greater length in a web-log thingy?

But why confine oneself to 160 characters in a text and 140 in a tweet? Twitter requires 20, the total 160 being based on a random series of sentences from Hillebrand Friedhelm back in 1985 –

A lovely friend of mine is an opera singer –

(she is on in the Festival Hall on Saturday 9th and at the ENO again this autumn) and as my task numero fire is to find a relevant social networking site for our library, I have chosen this ‘voice support’ group –

The RNTNE Hospital has a very good voice department, that includes two very nice doctors & world voice experts, Ruth Epstein and John Rubin. They both appeared recently on Channel 4 television’s programme about the Elephant Man as they were trying to work out how he spoke. It is no longer available but you can see clips of it here –

John Rubin was also in a radio programme a year or two back talking about voices with Alistair McGowan.

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