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Sun sets over the sea…

2 July 2011

That looks like a crab boat out there checking its pots. This was 21.23 pm on the 2nd of July. I got to the cliff top at Sidestrand/Trimingham just with a couple of minutes of sun left as I dawdled up Hungry Hill looking for Old Shuck!

There was a vessel out that that might well have been a dredger – scraping the Queen’s Bottom as they call it. The sea bed is a crown possession and they sell the rights – the gravel extracted is possibly damaging and increasing coastal erosion –

The sun had set beyond yon hill,
Across the dreary moor,
When weary and lame, a poor boy came
Up to a farmer’s door:
‘Can you tell me where ‘er I be
One that will me employ,
To plow and sow, to reap and mow,
And be a farmer’s boy?’

Sol nedgang over havet…


UPDATE:  Seabed scraping will I suspect only get worse as rare earths have been discovered there –


From → Ecology, In Norfolk

One Comment
  1. Ooh–lovely sunset shot! And you’re right–scraping the ocean floor is a *horrible* practice that ought to be stopped.

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