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Cloudless day…

2 July 2011

A barley field by the North Sea

Today was one of those totally cloudless days – not even an evil vapour trail from an aircraft on a great circle route , at least not until the evening of course… This is between East Runton and Cromer. Poppyland is properly the other side of Cromer of course, at Sidestrand where my father’s mother’s mother was born. I seem to have uploaded a photo with some marks on – possibly flies.

Hardly a weed bar the few poppies & mallow by the edge of the field –

The Garden of Sleep by Clement Scott

On the grass of the cliff, at the edge of the steep,
God planted a garden – a garden of sleep!
‘Neath the blue of the sky, in the green of the corn,
It is there that the regal red poppies are born!
Brief days of desire, and long dreams of delight,
They are mine when my Poppy-Land cometh in sight.
In music of distance, with eyes that are wet,
it is there I remember, and there I forget!
O! heart of my heart! Where the poppies are born,
I am waiting for thee, in the hush of the corn.
Sleep! Sleep!
From the Cliff to the Deep!
Sleep, my Poppy-Land,

In my garden of sleep, where red poppies are spread,
I wait for the living, along with the dead!
For a tower in ruins stands guard o’er the deep,
At whose feet are green graves of dear women asleep!
Did they love as I love, when they lived by the sea?
Did they wait, as I wait, for the days that may be?
Was it hope or fulfilling that entered each breast,
Ere death gave release, and the poppies gave rest?
O! Life of my life! On the cliffs by the sea,
By the graves in the grass, I am waiting for thee!
Sleep! Sleep!
In the dews by the deep!
Sleep, my Poppy-Land,


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