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1 July 2011


The library squirrel – out of generosity and despite the appellation tree rat and despite being an alien species, out of this generosity I have stuffed Nutty here with – er – nuts, over the last winter. I even made it/him/her a library card, and one for its chum. However Nutty is now banned from the library. Last Thursday I caught it in the bin and it scooted off. I sat on my chair and after a minute felt a certain dampness. The ruddy thing had urinated on my chair! I cleaned it off… however the next day when I was off, a colleague came in to see the squirrel sitting on my chair again. Doing some work. This is how I am repaid – the creature is after my job! So it is now banned. 😦

  1. Diane G. permalink

    In squirrel custom, he was paying you a high honor.

    Or maybe not.

    There are probably other reasons to not want a squirrel running around inside besides wet chairs. Nevertheless, I can see myself doing it. (Letting squirrels come in, not wetting chairs…)

  2. My colleagues were not happy! I have been bitten by a squirrel before – twice in one week a few years ago!

  3. Yah– I would totally let a squirrel come in, too… wet chair, though. Hmmm– marking? Do squirrels do that? I don’t think of them as being territorial, but I could certainly be wrong about that. That photo would fit right in to Squirrel Nutkin;-))
    Be careful about getting bitten, though 😦

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