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Sex, Science & Profits by Terence Kealey

17 June 2011

Review: Sex, Science & Profits by Terence Kealey | Books | The Guardian.

This is the book I am reading at present, or rather one of them. Very interesting. Not sure  how much I credit it at present and it has a few bad errors like talking of Indonesians instead of Polynesians.


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  1. Hmmm… just read the Guardian review. Sounds interesting, but I’m not sure I agree with his premise (entirely). Memes again. Dawkins came up with the idea of “memes”, but he wasn’t the one who ran with it. He sort of put it out there, and others (mainly Susan Blackmore, I think) took it and enlarged on it. I kind of get the feeling, in fact, the Dawkins himself doesn’t really think it’s much of an idea to work with— though he’s never said anything directly to those who have magnified his idea…

  2. True… and he has an agenda obviously, but he is a good writer and so I am prepared to listen to his ideas. I am a bit of a one for belief in the last theory I have read! 😦

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