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Ain’t I a handsome one?

11 June 2011

Amblyteles armatorius

I think this is correct but with these ichneumon wasps it can be hard to be sure. I got several nice photos of ?him?  I have spotted them over a couple of years but this is the first time I got one on – cannot say film – on digital memory!  I  assume it hunts food for its larvae. It appears that it feeds on pollen. It has no sting and is it seems to be a Batesian mimic.

One Comment
  1. Ooh– you got an ichneumon wasp! Really? Those are the wasps that lay their eggs inside a caterpillar, aren’t they. The larvae of which then subsequently eat their way out… I think they get used frequently as an example of the Problem of Evil…;-)) A right handsome one, though!

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