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A froghopper is born

11 June 2011

Froghopper with its discarded pupal case or nymph skin

Having woken really really early as it is a Saturday and I am in Norfolk and have no pressing need to get up early, I woke about 5am to bright sun. I plucked a bit of mint and unfortunately with it removed a young froghopper nymph from its cuckoo spit. It is hard to photograph with one hand and the size limit to the uploads means I cannot put full size photos up. It is from the same suborder as the cicada, Homoptera. This particular fellow is possibly a common Philaenus spumarius that will later get darker.


From → Natural history

  1. Kawaiiii! Well taken– it’s really hard to get the camera (at least, my camera) to focus on tiny things. Of course, I don’t have a proper camera… just the video camera that does double duty. *sigh* One of these days… Don’t you love finding things that are so tiny, things that most people would never notice, much less care about? It seems respectful, somehow, to observe them closely, to photograph them, without disturbing or harming in any way.

  2. Dominic permalink

    It is so tiny tiny tiny & it lives its life oblivious of us & we of it. It is as you say a respect for nature. This was taken with an Olympus X-43 I got a year ago & it is very good, but I decided I wanted to take photos again a bit more seriously, as I used to with my Pentax SLR, so I just went out & bought a new Pentax ‘Bridge’ camera – a sort of bridge between a small compact whatever they are called, & a proper SLR, only ‘cheaper’. £210… I have bought enough ‘things’ for the year now!

  3. Diane G. permalink

    Shoot, I didn’t even know Homoptera was no longer an order! Bleah.

    Great captures!

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