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A collection of skulls…

10 June 2011
Why I am still single!  Deer, birds and a tiny vole, and the rook’s head.

The rook was dried up – maggots had cleaned out the flesh leaving the skin and feathers which are unpalatable to them. The drought meant that this had not rotted and beetles had not discovered the remains in any numbers. I am actually keeping it in a plastic pot with an added mothball until it smells less, er, rookish. Or should that be rooky?!

From → Natural history

One Comment
  1. Oh– the skulls! Just got your email with this photo– wow! You have quite a collection–that’s a rook’s head on top! I couldn’t figure out what it was in the email.. With a mothball– oh my. This is making me laff:-)) *Still* drought? This year is just… well, drought where you are, major earthquake where I am, wildfires where my parents are, flooding all down the Missouri to the Mississippi River… what next?

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